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I am Mike O’Hagan BSc. I’m a self taught Artist and Writer.

It seems I had a latent creative talent that was waiting to emerge at the right moment; and when it did all I had to do was observe and practice and keep trying different things until I was happy.

My writing happened gradually as well. First in writing about my Border Terriers on a blog and later writing a book about how to strip and trim them; including how to use electric clippers on old dogs to obtain the classic Border terrier look. Old dogs find classic hand stripping painful and as mine aged I had to find ways of keeping them looking good without causing them pain.

My second book is about how to get the life you want. I always had an interest in self development tools and was able to use everything I had learned to help me when my illness struck. Many years later my friends and family encouraged me to share my knowledge with others, again first in a blog and then later in a book Creating A Wonderful Life.

I had several successful high profile executive business roles and my career was going very well until I was "taken out" by a minor stroke in 2003. This refocused me and changed my life beyond recognition. I was left with many ongoing health challenges (some still emerging) but I got myself walking and talking again with the help of some very innovative strategies and a bit of bloody minded determination.

These days I'm on a complex mixture of prescribed drugs and treatments. I also have to say thank you very much to the medical teams at the BRI in Bristol and my Doctor for her tenacity in keeping me real. And of course a GREAT family around me who may not always like the challenges I set myself, but always support me.

On this journey gradually I found myself with an emerging artistic talent. Many years later I now have the confidence in myself (again) and my work. This time it’s my Art. I use Acrylics to create focus pieces. The "pictures" come into my mind already made and then it's my job to get the picture out of my head and onto the canvas. I am also exploring new techniques and styles using markers and pens.

It's a long process and I hope you enjoy the results.It’s a shame it took a minor stroke and a long term chronic illness, but I got there in the end. Now I am all about fulfilling my destiny as an Artist and a Writer and becoming the best that I can be.


Thank you for visiting mike-ohagan.com and looking at my Art and my Books.

I wish you a great day.

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